Sunday, January 27, 2013

Choose Nursing: Discovering Career Options

"Being a nurse is not just a matter of earning high but it is more of the vocation rather than just a career." The need for more competent and caring nurses all over the country is high. And for those who are looking for a method to give back to the neighborhood and be able to help others this is your chance to achieve this by being a registered nurse. There is nothing more satisfying compared to being able to help other people whether you know them by name or otherwise it doesn't matter just as long as you are able to help them in your own little way.

The healthcare industry is one that is constantly booming and will continually be in high demand. Those seeking to go into medical fields such as Accelerated Nursing Degree are sure to discover not only satisfactory work, but also a multitude of job options to choose from.

CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANTS- A certified nurse helper (CNA) serves as your eyes and ears of the nurse on duty. A CNA often offers the services that the nurse may not have ample time to complete. Some tasks may include dressing patients, tracking their vital indicators and helping patients with limited flexibility. A CNA reviews to the nurses around the status of their individuals and cuts down on the nurse's have to continually check on the patient. A certified nursing assistant can be employed in almost any medical environment including hospitals, long term health facilities and can also operate in home care facilities. CNAs often continue the amount to become registered nurses and broaden their opportunities.

REGISTERED NURSE- a registered nurse is responsible for taking care of the patients and they are qualified to stay on duty in an ER or perhaps in a good OR. The Accelerated Nursing are not confined along with working in hospitals or clinics but they have the option of working in private nursing homes or in personal practices which is perfect because of the fact that there are countless job opportunities in this field. RNs work hand in hand with the physicians to assist them and to ensure that the patients are well taken care of. The rn is also tasked to accomplish the chart of patient, this is one of the reasons why nurses feel a heavy burden within their work. Although, being a nurse is an emotionally and financially satisfying profession it is also a really challenging one.

LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES- An LPN (licensed practical nurse) is in between CNAs and RNs as far as education as well as responsibilities. LPNs are trained to perform more patient care tasks such as taking vital indicators, administering medicines as well as injections and outfitting wounds. An LPN is trained for one 12 months and is then required to take and pass the NCLEX-PN exam. The 4 topics being examined are safe and effective care environment, wellness promotion and upkeep, psychosocial integrity, and physical integrity. An LPN is needed to be able to work with many different types of patients and also to stay calm during a stressful time..

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